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דף הבית
  • Managing contact with the police in a cyber incident

  • Investigation of Cyber Events - Forensics

  • Cyber intelligence

  • Awareness training for cyber risks (for the board of directors, management and employees)

  • On-demand lectures, analysis and simulation of events


Training - employee awareness

Directors, managers and employees are not always aware of all the cyber dangers.  


As having extensive experience in investigating cybercrime in companies


  • We will characterize your digital assets

  • We will guide you according to your unique needs  Of your company, avoid mistakes that will expose you to cyber risks

Our services


Your girlfriend was harmed by a cybercrime, does the insurance require it?

We will reduce your need for contact with the police in the field of cybercrime.  

We are experienced in "language and police conduct."  

  • We will handle the matter with the police on your behalf

  • We will file your complaint  (Instead of the policeman at the station) and we will collect testimonies from all involved

  • We will collect the evidence in accordance with the law

  • We will perform an initial examination of the existing evidence

  • We will prepare the complaint and the evidence as the police, are used to seeing and managing


Cyber intelligence

Gathering and characterizing intelligence needs for various purposes.  

  • Characterization of the intelligence solution required for defense

  • Automatic cyber risk detection  

  • Tracing potential attackers


Forensics  Digital

Forensic examination and court opinion

  • Full forensic copy

  • Checking a number of forensic software

  • Manual standalone file search

  • Recover deleted files

  • Finding evidence for use in court

  • Preparation of expert opinion

  • Carrying out a full event investigation

דרור בוזגלו לאתר.jpg

Adv. Dror Buzaglo

  • expert  Forensics and computer crime investigation, over 15 years of experience in computer forensics and mobile devices.

  • About thirty years of service in the Israel Police in various positions, including computer crimes and cyber.

The staff

  • Forensics specialist and computer crime investigation, over 25 years of experience in computer and cellular forensics work.

  • Over 30 years of service in the NYPD

  • Established the Computer Crimes Investigation Laboratory at the NYPD Sheriff's Office

  • Licensed Private Investigator in the US

גאקט סריג משקפים.png

Eyal Sharon

  • Expert in collecting and analyzing cyber intelligence and investigating computer crimes.

  • A police officer (Gim), about 30 years of service in the Israel Police, in various positions, most of them in the field of computer and cyber crimes in the national cyber unit in Lahav 433.

Philip Rosenthal

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